About Curious Lyle

I started Curious Lyle as a way to keep faraway family and friends updated with recent pictures of our son. I had the idea to post one single photo per day on the site so there was always something new and always something different.

Lyle was born in San Diego, California, on June 24, 2006, and I've been photographing him and posting here ever since. We now live in Houston, TX.

Most of the photos on the site are taken by me. Sometimes, though, I am away from Lyle, either because I am traveling out of town or because he is (he spends a couple weeks each summer with one of his grandmothers, for instance). Any days that I'm not with him, whoever is with him takes the daily photos for me. Any photos taken by someone other than me are credited below the post.

The photographs I post here are not necessarily the cutest or the most exciting moments of the day, but they are real moments that show a slice of his life. I do this now because I like to sharing a glimpse of his (and by association, our) life, but I also do it because I can appreciate having these moments of days gone by, many of which I might not have photographed if it hadn't been for this project motivating me to keep a camera nearby always.

I also do documentary family sessions professionally. You can see my work at www.karenjacot.com, and you can contact me at karen.jacot@[remove]gmail.com.